Learn how to edit your digital photos with ArcSoft PhotoStudio
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Welcome to Digital Photo Editing for Seniors

Digital Photo Editing for Seniors

Author: Addo Stuur
ISBN: 978 90 5905 064 8
Book type: Paperback
Number of pages: 352
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(This title is no longer available.)

Bookware, your all-in-one solution bundleA unique combination of both software and a book that thoroughly explains how to use it 
Digital cameras are currently among the hottest consumer items on the market and have all but replaced the familiar 35mm camera and its rolls of film. Now, more and more seniors are also taking advantage of falling prices and increasing image quality. The computer book Digital Photo Editing for Seniors is written specifically to acquaint seniors with the many features of digital photo editing. It includes instructions on using scanners, printers and photo CDs. Subjects such as scanning old photos and slides and repairing damaged photos are covered in detail. Photo retouching and cloning, applying special effects, working with selections and layers and everything related to paper and printers is also explained. This step-by-step book is an all-in-one solution, bundled with a CD-ROM containing the full version of the digital photo editing program ArcSoft PhotoStudio.

The book Digital Photo Editing for Seniors:

  • is bundled with a CD-ROM containing the full version of the digital photo editing program ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5
  • encourages learning with an easy step-by-step approach
  • has been tested by seniors
  • is based on practical experience
  • focuses on acquiring practical skills
  • gives detailed background information
  • has a convenient reference section

Learn how to:

  • Acquire photos from your scanner, digital camera or a photo CD-ROM
  • Improve poor photos
  • Retouch and clone
  • Work with selections and layers
  • Apply special effects
  • Handle paper and printer related issues

ArcSoft PhotoStudio The CD-ROM contains the fully functional photo-editing program ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5, as well as a folder containing digital photos that you can use for practicing.

Suitable for
Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Vista

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What readers are saying about Digital Photo Editing for Seniors

I would like you to know that I am finding your book Digital Photo Editing for Seniors accompanying PhotoStudio 5.5 extremely helpful. I am unable to make any useful suggestions, I will just say that it takes one through the functions of 5.5 to perfection. Many thanks.
- Harold G. Gear

I have bought several books on digi photog and a lot say they give you step by step instructions, but not like this one. They not only tell you step by step, but show you exactly what it should look like on your computer so you know that you are doing it right. This book is for anyone of any age who is intersted in the subject. This should be the first book on the subject you should buy if you are a newbee.
- Jennifer D. Desrochers

This is a great book! I teach PC/Digital Camera classes in an adult ed setting and see this as a breakthrough volume. I'm working at convincing management to incorporate this as a required text/course.
A key is that it INCLUDES a powerful editing software program. In classes, we use the SW that is resident on the lab PC's, so students are sent home to practice with either an unrelated product, or they are off to the store to face the dozens of choices for purchase at up to $100.
Too bad the cover and title cater to seniors. This book is valuable for any one interested in the subject of digital imagery, not just Geezers. Hopefully however, that cover will interest more seniors who should buy this book and plod, yes plod, through it because learning something new ain't always easy, at any age.
This book and the included Arcsoft program will guide users through very basic and simple editing functions like cropping and brightening their treasured images--alone worth the purchase price. But, what's surprising to me is the fact that some of the most advanced aspects of editing are covered, like cloning and the use of layers which are true pro-level features.
Purchasing a "latest" comparable entry level program like "Photoshop Elements", or "Paint Shop Pro" at around $90, plus an explanatory step-by-step book at about $30, would be overkill when this all-in-one solution is available for under $20!
Perseverance is required for anyone learning something new and potentially complex, but this book should be considered by anyone of any age group.
- Anonymous

My wife and I have recently purchased your book on the above subject and felt we should congratulate you on such an excellent product. We have been working through the chapters and are amazed at the accuracy and clearness of the instructions which makes a very welcome change as most IT manuals usually drive us mad. Even the installation disc ran first time! As digital photography is our latest hobby we can't wait to put your lessons into practice. Thank you once again.
- Anonymous

I thought photo-editing on the computer was something only for the truly ambitious! After I picked up your book and gave it try, I am pleased to admit that I feel like I am an "almost expert".
- Anonymous

Visual Steps

Digital Photo Editing for Seniors is written using the acclaimed Visual Steps method. This method features the following:

  • Content - the special needs and requirements of the beginning user with little or no technical background have been taken into account.
  • Structure - self-paced, learn as you go. Proceed step by step with easy to follow instructions. What's more, the chapters are organized in such a way that you can skip a chapter or repeat another as desired.
  • Illustrations - plentiful use of screen illustrations to show you if you are on the right track.
  • Layout - large sized book and large print make it easy to read.

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The Studio Visual Steps team of authors consists of different professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their subject field.