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iPhone for SENIORS

iPhone for SENIORS

Author: Studio Visual Steps
full colourISBN: 978 90 5905 158 4
Book type: Paperback, full color
Number of pages: 304
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(This title is no longer available.)

This title has sold out, but there is a new edition available. Please see for more information. 

The iPhone is a complete, fully functional multimedia device, adored by millions of fans. In this comprehensive book you will get acquainted with the core features of the iPhone as well as many of the additional options that are available. You work in your own tempo, step by step through each task. The clear and concise instructions and full-color screenshots will tell you exactly what to do. The extra tips, notes and help sections will help you even further to get the most out of your iPhone.
You can use the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 not only to make phone calls, but also to send e-mails and surf the Internet. The iPhone is bundled with many standard apps (programs) that enable you to take pictures, shoot videos, listen to your favorite music and even maintain a calendar. Would you like to know how to view your current location and plan a route to get to somewhere else? In this user friendly book you will learn all about this topic and how to use the other built-in apps as well.
Once you have learned about the standard apps and options of the iPhone, you can take a look at the App Store with thousands of other apps available for free or for a small charge. You can find everything from recipes, horoscopes, fitness and health information, card games, photo editing applications, and much more. Whatever your interests, there is bound to be an app for you. Explore and discover the possibilities of this handy device with this practical book!

Learn how to:

  • A variety of iPhone apps are available in the App Store make calls and create text messages
  • connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network
  • surf the Internet and use e-mail
  • use built-in applications
  • download apps from the App Store
  • work with photos, video and music

Suitable for:
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 with operating system iOS 6.

Visual Steps

iPhone for SENIORS is written using the acclaimed Visual Steps method. This method features the following:

  • Content - the special needs and requirements of the beginning user with little or no technical background have been taken into account.
  • Structure - self-paced, learn as you go. Proceed step by step with easy to follow instructions. What's more, the chapters are organized in such a way that you can skip a chapter or repeat another as desired.
  • Illustrations - plentiful use of screen illustrations to show you if you are on the right track.
  • Layout - large sized book and large print make it easy to read.

The Studio Visual Steps Authors

The Studio Visual Steps team of authors consists of different professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their subject field.