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Welcome to Tips and Tricks for the iPad with iOS 8 and higher for SENIORS (also suitable for iOS 9)

Tips and Tricks for the iPad with iOS 8 and higher for SENIORS (also suitable for iOS 9)

Author: Studio Visual Steps
full colourISBN: 978 90 5905 390 8
Book type: Paperback, full color
Number of pages: 304
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(This title is no longer available.)

Get more out of your iPad with iOS 8 or iOS 9
There are many advantages of owning an iPad. Once you have mastered the basics of using this lightweight and portable device, you may want to dive into some of the lesser known but equally important features. This book discusses in depth some of the many useful settings and options that can transform the way you use your iPad. You will learn how to turn multitasking gestures on to make it easier to control your iPad, adjust sounds for alerts and messages, and make use of the impressive array of privacy options and accessibility features that are available.
Most apps also offer additional settings that can be applied. For example, you can decide whether or not to accept cookies in Safari, synchronize your calendar with your email account, choose which items to display in the Notification Center, set up Family Sharing and set volume controls for the Music app. Not only does this book give you tips about working with the iPad’s standard apps, we also give you some suggestions for other, useful apps that can be purchased or downloaded for free or for a small fee in the App Store.
Dive into this book and discover how much more the iPad has to offer!

Please note: on this web page you can find a supplemental PDF file with a summary of the differences between the iOS 8 operating system covered in the book and the new iOS 9 operating system.

Learn how to:

  • Adjust settings for sounds, notifications, accessibility and privacy
  • Create backup copies
  • Use Mail, Safari, Calendar, and Contacts and explore syncing options
  • Use various apps that communicate with each other
  • Do more with photos, video, music, and ebooks
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Messages, and much more

Suitable for: 
All iPads with iOS 8 or iOS 9.

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Visual Steps

Tips and Tricks for the iPad with iOS 8 and higher for SENIORS (also suitable for iOS 9) is written using the acclaimed Visual Steps method. This method features the following:

  • Content - the special needs and requirements of the beginning user with little or no technical background have been taken into account.
  • Structure - self-paced, learn as you go. Proceed step by step with easy to follow instructions. What's more, the chapters are organized in such a way that you can skip a chapter or repeat another as desired.
  • Illustrations - plentiful use of screen illustrations to show you if you are on the right track.
  • Layout - large sized book and large print make it easy to read.

The Studio Visual Steps Authors

The Studio Visual Steps team of authors consists of different professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their subject field.