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  • Subscribe to the newsletterJanuary 24 2017

    Get started with the note-taking program OneNote
    In this newsletter we feature our new book OneNote 2016 and 2013. Learn step by step how to gather all your notes, creative ideas and other documents, all in one place. Learn how to send and receive email messages, surf the Internet, plan a trip, keep a calendar and much more with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in our book Working with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Android 5 for SENIORS.

  • Subscribe to the newsletterJanuary 18 2017

    Now available: MacOS Sierra and iPad for Seniors
    With our new book MacOS Sierra for SENIORS, you will learn step by step how to work with a Mac running the operating system known as MacOS Sierra. Our comprehensive and invaluable book iPad with iOS 10 for SENIORS shows you how to get the most out of your new or updated iPad with the latest operating system from Apple.

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<p>How to Search more effectively with Google</p>
<p>Plan Your Trip with Google Maps</p>