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New! You and Your Windows 10 Computer

You and Your Windows 10 Computer

Author: Studio Visual Steps
full colourISBN: 978 90 5905 432 5
Book type: Paperback, full color
Number of pages: 352
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Price: US $24.95 Canada $29.95

Are you taking full advantage of what a computer has to offer? Only if you really know what can be done with a computer and the Internet, will you be able to benefit from the fun and convenience it can give you.
This comprehensive book discuss many topics such as managing files, making useful settings, using email securely, working with Skype and social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. You will also get acquainted with photo and video editing and learn more about the safe use of the Internet and online shopping. But this is not all, there are plenty of other tips on offer in this user-friendly, step-by-step book. Get started right away and discover what is possible.

Topics include:

  • basic concepts regarding the Internet, email and File Explorer
  • managing folders and files
  • useful settings
  • handy use of the Internet
  • safely using email and online shopping
  • working with Facebook and Twitter
  • making video calls with Skype
  • photo and video editing
  • maintaining and protecting your computer

Suitable for: Windows 10 on a desktop computer or laptop

Prior knowledge: Basic knowledge of working with Windows

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