iPad with iOS 10 and higher for SENIORS

Learn to work with the iPad

Instructor assistance

Visual Steps provides teachers' manuals and other training materials to assist the instructor teaching computer skills to seniors. These materials will help you to prepare your course, develop strategy and give useful hints and tips. The following document is available to accompany the book iPad with iOS 10 and higher for SENIORS.

Teachers' Manual [ PDF file ]
23 pages, 568 kB
iPad with iOS 10 and higher for SENIORS
ISBN 978 90 5905 423 3

Viewing PDF files

How can I view a PDF file?
You can download, open, view or print a PDF file in Windows 10 directly using Edge (the Internet browser program that comes with Windows 10). If you do not have Windows 10, you can use a program called Adobe Reader. If your computer does not have this software installed, you can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website. You can learn how to download and install Adobe Reader on the following web page: www.visualsteps.com/adobereader