iPad with iOS 11 and higher for SENIORS

Learn to work with the iPad

iPad with iOS 11 and higher for SENIORS

Paperback, full color | 256 pages |   Table of contents |   Sample chapter

If you own an iPad and you would like to learn how to use it, then this is just the right title for you! You will get acquainted with the most important options, all at your own pace. Before you know it, you will be sending email and searching the Internet for information. In the first chapter, you learn how to set up the iPad and connect it to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Next, you start surfing the Internet and using email and other apps (programs) for various purposes such as keeping a calendar or planning a trip.
In the App Store are lots of additional (free) apps available for your iPad. This book will show you how to install such an app. You will also practice taking pictures and recording video with your iPad, and you even learn how to adjust various settings that can make working with the iPad easier. If you have an iPhone, there is an additional chapter covering iOS 11 for that as well. In short: this is the ideal title for learning how to work with the iPad!

Learn how to:

  • Operate the iPad
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and the mobile data network
  • Surf the Internet and use email
  • Use apps for all sorts of purposes
  • Download apps in the App Store
  • Work with photos and video
  • Change settings
  • Work with the iPhone

Suitable for: All iPads with iOS 11 and higher.
The iPhone is discussed in an additional chapter.

Visual Steps

iPad with iOS 11 and higher for SENIORS is written using the acclaimed Visual Steps method. This method features the following:

  • Content - the special needs and requirements of the beginning user with little or no technical background have been taken into account.
  • Structure - self-paced, learn as you go. Proceed step by step with easy to follow instructions. What's more, the chapters are organized in such a way that you can skip a chapter or repeat another as desired.
  • Illustrations - plentiful use of screen illustrations to show you if you are on the right track.
  • Layout - large sized book and large print make it easy to read.

The Studio Visual Steps Authors

The Studio Visual Steps team of authors consists of different professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their subject field.


iPad with iOS 11 and higher for SENIORS
Author: Studio Visual Steps
  • ISBN: 978 90 5905 424 0
  • Price: US $24.95 Canada $29.95
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